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How big are the residential trash carts?

Our carts are 95 gallons, which can hold roughly  9-11 kitchen bags of trash at a time.

When will I receive my cart to begin service?

Once you pay your invoice, our system will generate a work order for the cart(s)
to be delivered to your address we will be servicing.

What time do I put my trash can out for pickup?

To ensure that you do not miss your pickup please have your cart out the night before or by 6:00am. Our routes are constantly changing, therefore your pickup time WILL VARY. 

Can I put out my extra personal carts?

We will not empty personal cans, they do not work properly with our service equipment. Let us know if you need to get another WK cart.

When is my residential service invoice due?

All invoices must be paid by the first of each month. Your account will be suspended and will not show up on the route.
*let us know if you have a special circumstance.

What should I do if I believe my trash was missed?

We generally service our residence between 6:30am and 6:30pm. If your trash has not been collected by then, please call our office and we can let you know what might be going on with your account or if we are behind.

How do I claim my guaranteed pick up that my trash was missed?

Please call the office if you believe you were missed and we will review any notes and photographs taken by the driver, as well as the footage on the truck. We will first look to see if the cart (s) were out at the proper time of service. If we find that is our error, then we will credit one week of service onto your account. If you call us two or more days after your service day, you will be outside of our service guarantee period.  

When are auto reoccurring payments pulled?

Finance will pull all accounts set on auto draft on the 25th. If this date falls on a weekend or Holiday it will be pulled the following business day. 

Still have questions? Call, text, or email us  today.

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